foto Using our family audio-guide service you can take a tourist route in a free, individual way. The route is suitable for doing with your children, since a children’s story and a series of activities have been designed so that the whole family can enjoy finding out about the history and culture of Vinaròs.  


bot1 bot1 Costa i Borrás Monument leyenda
bot2 bot2 Town Market
bot3 bot3 Municipal Auditorium W. Ayguals d’Izco
bot4 bot4 The Chapel of Saint Victoria
bot5 bot6 Casa de la Vila
bot6 bot6 Giner House
bot7 bot7 Town Hall
bot8 bot8 Archpriest of the Assomption
bot9 bot9 Sendra House
bot10 bot10 Barón d’Herbers House
bot11 bot11 Membrillera House
bot12 bot12 Bullring
bot13 bot13 The Chapel of Saint Gregory
bot14 bot14 Sanctuary of the Misericordia







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